Mahout training in northern Thailand

January 7. Day 23. I woke up early and wandered my way to the travel agency where Eddy was scheduled to pick me up. After doing a lot of research, I found vast differences between the elephant camps that were available near Chiang Mai. Eddy Elephant Chiang Mai repeatedly showed up high on the customer review ratings and more importantly, they treat their elephants with love, respect, and don’t abuse... read more

10 Easy tips to help you pack for long term travel

So now that you’ve decided that you want to travel for an extended period of time (could be 1 month; could be 1 year), it’s time to get ready for departure. You’ve already followed a few simple guidelinesĀ to prepare and are now striving for the golden 10 percent rule (have your pack be 10% or less of your body weight – in pounds; not kg). Here’s the easy way to do it:... read more

How to get a visa for India while in Chiang Mai

First things first. The requirements listed here HAVE to be followed in order to get your visa for India while in Chiang Mai. If you show up without these items or without starting the process online, they will turn you away until you follow these steps. The process will take 1 week from start to finish. 1. Go here and fill in the online application. 2. Take note of the purple/pink Temporary Application... read more

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