Scammed in Bangkok

Jan 31. Day 47. When I woke, the monks were already gone and it was only Paul and I remaining in our little cozy room of 4. I wanted to take advantage of my last visit to Bangkok by visiting the grand palace. The water taxi was cheap and fast. I marveled at how fast the captain docked and undocked such a long boat (~30 meters long, docked, pax unloaded, loaded, and off again in 1 minute). When I got to... read more

Buddhist Monks Love Jolly Ranchers

Jan 30. Day 46. I woke up refreshed and eager to collect my Indian Visa (click here for step by step instructions if you want to get a visa for India while in Chiang Mai). After picking up my credentials, I swung by the rail station and the melodic peaceful record that was playing in my head scratched to a grinding halt. All trains were booked – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The only way... read more

Dont mess with sleeping tigers

January 25. Day 41. In the past couple days, I booked 11 plane tickets (my time in Thailand was coming to a close), got a refund for the replacement of my stolen helmet that caused a brief run-in with the Royal Thai Police using my travel insurance from World Nomads, and met up with a friend who I met a few weeks prior when I was in Koh Phangan (Constanza from Chile). Rachelle was working so we decided to... read more

My run in with the Thai Police

January 22. Day 38. I woke up to a beautifully warm Thai sun and decided I wanted some REALLY good pad thai so I knew I needed to head across town to a little place called Art Cafe right outside the main gate on the east side of Chiang Mai. After brushing my teeth, I headed outside and hopped on my trusty petrol-powered steed (scooter) and headed to the nearest 7/11 for my daily dose of pineapple juice... read more

First Time Cruises: Ensuring your Cruise is the Perfect One

Like most passionate travelers, I enjoy ALL means of transportation. I’ve been fortunate enough to see new and exciting places via train, plane, automobile, AND boat. Here are some wonderful tips from a traveling friend of mine (thank you so much for sharing these tips Alex) for making your next cruise a positive and memorable experience. As a first time cruiser, it can be easy to make a mistake... read more

Couchsurfing 101

Jan 14. Day 30. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring Chiang Mai, going out and listening to great music from my friends Damian and Bradleigh at Sunrise Sunset, and coordinating my future stays with new hosts for each new city and country I’ll be in over the next few months. For those of you who haven’t used (or know what it is) couchsurfing, here’s your crash course.... read more

Temporary permanent residence in Chiang Mai Thailand

January 10. Day 26. After my wonderful 3 days of mahout training, it was time to head back to Chiang Mai and settle into something a little more permanent (I needed a home base where I could live for a while). When I arrived back in town, I was dead tired from only sleeping 3-4 hours a night for the previous 3 nights, so I found an inexpensive hostel in the middle of Old Chiang Mai called Walk Inn. The... read more

So many places so little time

So as you can see, I’ve fallen quite behind on posting the stories of my recent adventures. It takes roughly 2-4 hours to write and hone each one of these stories. With that said, you can see how easy it is to fall behind on writing while traveling and exploring; especially when exploring from sun up until sun down. A man’s got to sleep and eat somewhere in there… A few stories that I... read more

Angkor Wat in Video

Angkor Wat is one of those places that once you see it, you’ll never forget it. Words can only say so much, so I decided to uploaded some video and pictures to give you a small glimpse of what it’s like. Related Reading: Share this:DiggPocketShare on Tumblr Pin ItEmailPrintLike this:Like... read more

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