Floating Market of Amphawa and the Largest Club in Thailand

February 1. Day 48. Aimee, Alex, Wachi, and I decided to go to the Floating Markets of Amphawa. Seeing as though I had been in Thailand for almost 7 weeks and hadn’t yet gone, I was super stoked to go and check it out. Here you can find pretty much anything you can imagine. Tasty food, fun knick-knacks, souvenirs of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, clothes, crafts, art, the list is... read more

No I haven’t been kidnapped, accosted, or gone MIA (yet)

It’s Friday September 20, and I’ve received a lot of emails and messages lately asking what happened to me and where I am. So – to cut to the chase, NO, I haven’t been kidnapped; I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio working to save money for my next big adventure. Side note – said next big adventure comprises a lot of different options so only time will tell regarding which one... read more

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