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Travel the world

The most IRRESPONSIBLE (and best) thing I’ve ever done… Share this:DiggPrintShare on Tumblr Pin ItEmail read more

Your idea of happiness is flawed

This is an article re-post written by Kimmy Dee originally published back in August of 2011. It may just hit you like a ton of bricks. If you’re looking for an answer to “How can I be happy?” then the response from the experts is, “You’re asking the wrong question.” The better question is why our idea of happiness is so screwed up that most of us wouldn’t recognize... read more

Happiness is a choice; not a response

I read this somewhere years ago and it made such an impact on me that I copied and pasted the article contents into a mac pages file, saved it, printed it, and hung it on the side of my refrigerator. I did NOT write this piece, I am simply re-posting it because it was a great lesson for me to learn. I don’t remember who the author was, so I can’t properly give them credit, but I’m sure... read more

Best Reasons To Travel

I’m sitting in my kitchen after a monotonous 10 hour shift at work and just realized I still have quite the to-do list before putting my house on the market just 1 week from today. It’s crazy to think I’ve amassed so much STUFF in the past 15 years, not to mention a $200,000 house, a “secure” job, and numerous other “American Dream” items. The problem? NONE of it... read more

How to prepare for traveling

You’re lying in bed, staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night when it hits you: you want to travel. I’m not just talking about a week-long vacation to Wally World or going on yet another all-inclusive resort trip, I’m talking REAL travel. The kind of travel that forces you to change EVERYTHING. Literally everything. When I had my epiphany, I started writing things down that I... read more

Why travel?

I’ve reached a major transition phase in my life. I look around and am surrounded by robots. Not REAL robots, but people doing the same exact thing day in and day out. Nothing new. Nothing fresh. No growth. No consciousness. Things that used to make me happy, don’t anymore. I’m not particularly fond of the path I’m on. It seems so mundane. So routine. Life, but lifeless. Welcome to... read more