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Couchsurfing 101

Jan 14. Day 30. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring Chiang Mai, going out and listening to great music from my friends Damian and Bradleigh at Sunrise Sunset, and coordinating my future stays with new hosts for each new city and country I’ll be in over the next few months. For those of you who haven’t used (or know what it is) couchsurfing, here’s your crash... read more

Staying connected while traveling

Wanna see where I am RIGHT NOW? Click Here. This will show my location for the past 7 days. If you don’t see any location information, that means I haven’t used the device in 7 days. During my recent trip to Boston, I learned of a snazzy little device called “Spot.” It comes from the wonderful people at Spot LLC. They specialize in GPS tracking devices for wandering adventurers. The... read more

Travel the world

The most IRRESPONSIBLE (and best) thing I’ve ever done… Share this:DiggPrintShare on Tumblr Pin ItEmail read more

My visit to Gloucester Massachusetts

If you’ve seen the movie “The Perfect Storm” (or one of the other many movies filmed here), then you’ve seen Gloucester, Massachusetts. Everything you see around the bay and harbors is postcard-worthy and the people are warm and friendly. It’s only a ~45 min drive from Boston so it provides a perfect afternoon adventure. I got up here early in the morning so I could take my... read more

Happiness is a choice; not a response

I read this somewhere years ago and it made such an impact on me that I copied and pasted the article contents into a mac pages file, saved it, printed it, and hung it on the side of my refrigerator. I did NOT write this piece, I am simply re-posting it because it was a great lesson for me to learn. I don’t remember who the author was, so I can’t properly give them credit, but I’m sure... read more