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Floating Market of Amphawa and the Largest Club in Thailand

February 1. Day 48. Aimee, Alex, Wachi, and I decided to go to the Floating Markets of Amphawa. Seeing as though I had been in Thailand for almost 7 weeks and hadn’t yet gone, I was super stoked to go and check it out. Here you can find pretty much anything you can imagine. Tasty food, fun knick-knacks, souvenirs of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, clothes, crafts, art, the list is... read more

Couchsurfing 101

Jan 14. Day 30. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring Chiang Mai, going out and listening to great music from my friends Damian and Bradleigh at Sunrise Sunset, and coordinating my future stays with new hosts for each new city and country I’ll be in over the next few months. For those of you who haven’t used (or know what it is) couchsurfing, here’s your crash course.... read more

10 Easy tips to help you pack for long term travel

So now that you’ve decided that you want to travel for an extended period of time (could be 1 month; could be 1 year), it’s time to get ready for departure. You’ve already followed a few simple guidelinesĀ to prepare and are now striving for the golden 10 percent rule (have your pack be 10% or less of your body weight – in pounds; not kg). Here’s the easy way to do it:... read more

How to get a visa for India while in Chiang Mai

First things first. The requirements listed here HAVE to be followed in order to get your visa for India while in Chiang Mai. If you show up without these items or without starting the process online, they will turn you away until you follow these steps. The process will take 1 week from start to finish. 1. Go here and fill in the online application. 2. Take note of the purple/pink Temporary Application... read more

Staying connected while traveling

Wanna see where I am RIGHT NOW? Click Here. This will show my location for the past 7 days. If you don’t see any location information, that means I haven’t used the device in 7 days. During my recent trip to Boston, I learned of a snazzy little device called “Spot.” It comes from the wonderful people at Spot LLC. They specialize in GPS tracking devices for wandering adventurers.... read more

Getting the cheapest airline ticket

Since my travel planning began a few months ago (quit my job, sold nearly everything I owned, rented my house, and found my way to south east asia without breaking the bank), I’ve learned a TON of travel trips. Today we’re gonna focus on one aspect of getting from point A to point B: airline travel. There are a lot of travel agencies, online discount ticket services, and “deals” to... read more

How to prepare for traveling

You’re lying in bed, staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night when it hits you: you want to travel. I’m not just talking about a week-long vacation to Wally World or going on yet another all-inclusive resort trip, I’m talking REAL travel. The kind of travel that forces you to change EVERYTHING. Literally everything. When I had my epiphany, I started writing things down that I... read more

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