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ZenHabits - Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.

The Pathwork Lectures - Spending time here will be worthwhile and enriching. A comprehensive body of information about the human spiritual growth process is the Pathwork Lectures by Eva Pierrakos (now deceased).

WanderingEarl -  Earl left home December 1999 for a 3 month trip to Asia that has still yet to end. As a permanent nomad addicted to the education that travel provides, he aims to prove that long-term travel is not a crazy fantasy, but a very real lifestyle option instead.

TravelHacking – Earn TONS of frequent flyer miles; without ever stepping onto an airplane.


All of the products below come directly from If you click on any of the links below and decide to buy any of the products, I get a small commission for suggesting these products to you. It’s simply a way that Amazon says “thank you” to me for sending customers to them. This is yet another way I generate income while on the road to discovering more wonderful ways to make positive changes in my life; to which I can then share with you my readers icon smile Links In summary, you get a great product that will help you make positive changes in your life and I get a small thank-you from Amazon. Everyone wins!

Health and Vitality

If you’d like to learn some life changing information on how to become more healthy and energetic (the majority of these will teach you about our current food production system and how to make positive changes in your lifestyle and diet to become more healthy), check out some of these great documentaries. These are just a handful of the ones that sparked positive change in my life. I switched over to being a vegetarian summer of 2011. My weight went from 212 lbs down to 165. I’m back to my college weight, feel great, and have tons of confidence in my new and improved appearance. I have more energy, sleep better at night, haven’t been sick in 2 years, and feel GREAT!




These albums have very uplifting messages and have positively impacted my growth in some way or another. (notice 11 of the 12 albums listed below are reggae. Reggae spreads the message of love, acceptance, peace, and growth. If more people adopt these concepts, the world will become a much better place) The SOJA – Strength to Survive album was life changing for me. I saw SOJA for the first time at the Twentieth Century concert venue in Oakley, Ohio February 2012 and haven’t been able to stop listening to them since. I saw them again in Indianapolis August 2012. Jacob’s lyrics are truly poetic and the music will sooth your soul. Here’s a picture of Jacob and I at the Indy concert (click here) – sorry it’s a little fuzzy, the low-light threw off my camera.


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