First Time Cruises: Ensuring your Cruise is the Perfect One

Like most passionate travelers, I enjoy ALL means of transportation. I’ve been fortunate enough to see new and exciting places via train, plane, automobile, AND boat. Here are some wonderful tips from a traveling friend of mine (thank you so much for sharing these tips Alex) for making your next cruise a positive and memorable experience.

As a first time cruiser, it can be easy to make a mistake with your chosen itinerary and end up having a not-so-memorable experience that could put you off cruising forever. If you’re dreaming of a tropical cruise in the Caribbean, the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas or any of her sister ships would be a perfect option – not a budget cruise across the English Channel. If you’re wishing for a little luxury during the trip and are clad with the finest of formal evening-wear, the glitz and glam of a luxury ship would be much more suitable than a mainstream cruise where formal clothing isn’t expected. Take heed of these cruise holiday tips to ensure your cruise is as perfect as possible.

  • Pick the Right Ship! If you are planning on a family adventure across the seas, choose a ship that is child-friendly with plenty onboard to keep the kids happy. If you’re wanting a little quiet time with your loved one, whilst sampling the finer things in life, opt for a luxury cruise that doesn’t survive on gimmicks. The cruise line you choose, as well as the time of year you decide to travel and the destinations you opt for, can have a massive impact on what your onboard experience will be like.
  • Don’t get ripped off! Make sure you choose the best deal that suits you rather than booking the first one that you see. If you’re flexible and able to shop around, do so!
  • Take the Suncream! Ok, so you’re going to be sampling the delights ondeck for the majority of the time, rather than lazing on sandy beaches, but that doesn’t mean the sun can’t catch you. Cream on or cover up, and stay safe.
  • Don’t Overpack! Do you really need all those suitcases? Remember, unless you’ve paid for a luxury room, you won’t have that much room to stow your stuff, so be sensible!

Simple cruise holiday tips can go a long way to ensuring your first cruise will be as worthwhile as possible, increasing the chance of you making a return visit. Book your 2013 cruise, today.


When was the last cruise you went on? What lessons did you learn or what would you do differently on your next cruise to make it a better experience?

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