My adventures in Boston

As an aircraft mechanic, travel is always a possibility, but not always an option. Most days (99% of the time) I spend my time driving to the same hangar at the same airport doing the same inspections over and over again on the same airplanes (notice the potential for monotony?).

An opportunity was mentioned a couple weeks ago to spend some time in Boston setting up a new base to make sure a new series of flights go smoothly;  it went something like this: “Who wants to spend 2 weeks in Boston working 10 hours every single day in order to make sure the planes that are up there aren’t broken?” This is where I come in – “oooo pick me pick me!!” And as simple as that, the trip was mine. NEVER miss an opportunity to travel. ESPECIALLY when someone else is paying for it.

I boarded a Delta red-eye flight yesterday morning and flew 2 hours to Boston. I got lucky because just a couple days earlier, every single flight to the northeast corridor was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. That was on Tuesday. It’s now Friday and things are finally getting back to normal regarding flights in and out of the northeast.

Once I landed, I grabbed my duffel bag, took the shuttle to get my rental car, and drove to my hotel to check in. During my 40 min drive from Boston Logan airport to my hotel in Burlington, I took in my surroundings noting all the things that caught my eye; things I wanted to see more of as I spent my time here in Boston. I heard that Boston Common was beautiful (similar to NYC’s central park) and that I should stop in to the Cheers bar across the street to get a beer and say I was there.

After my day of work was done, I headed downtown to wander around and see what I could find. It was sunny and 57 degrees out so naturally people were EVERYWHERE; even on a weekday afternoon. I parked my car a few blocks away from Boston Common and started exploring. A lot of the sidewalks are old red brick and are reminiscent of cobblestone. On my way to the park, I noticed a series of bike racks with “Hubway” bikes. All the bikes were the same. I couldn’t imagine that everyone had the same make and model of bike, but as I got closer, I figured it out. It’s a pay-per-use service offered to commuters. What a GREAT IDEA!?

IMG 0302 225x300 My adventures in Boston

The pay structure isn’t that expensive and from the description on the digital kiosk, I get the idea that it’s geared towards short (30 min or less) commutes… PERFECT for downtown city transportation.

IMG 0321 300x225 My adventures in Boston

I didn’t pay for a bike on this little exploration trip, but you can bet I will before I leave. More on this later…

IMG 0310 300x225 My adventures in BostonThe lagoon in the middle of Boston Common was stunning. There was wildlife everywhere, the water glistens in the sunlight, and theres a quaint little walking bridge across the center of it. With the weather like it was, it’s no wonder it was crowded. Dogs were tree-ing squirrels, lovers sitting on the park benches enjoying each others’ presence, and the warmth of the sun in November was a nice break from the usual Boston cold this time of year. Ornate bronze and copper statues of various sizes are sprinkled about. I couldn’t help but notice a particular tree in the middle of the park. I didn’t  enhance this picture in ANY way.

IMG 0304 225x300 My adventures in Boston

With colors as vivid and saturated as that, I couldn’t help but take a picture.

IMG 0311 225x300 My adventures in BostonWhere Everybody Knows Your Name

After my stroll around the Common, I decided it was time for a tasty beverage at the Cheers Bar. From the outside, you’ll notice it’s almost identical to the freeze-frames that the sitcom used, but once you go inside, you’re disappointed; it looks NOTHING like the set they used on the TV sitcom. The closest thing to it can be found at the second location near Quincy Market (but that one isn’t totally accurate either). The service was great, the beer cold, and the atmosphere nice. Google Cheers Boston Bar and you’ll get a lot more history and details on the show, the bar (real name Bull & Finch), and it’s history.

IMG 0317 225x300 My adventures in Boston

I had my beer, checked out the tourist trap gift shop (didn’t buy anything) and headed out to go back to my hotel. Day 1 in Boston was nice. I look forward to more adventures over the next 2 weeks.

Be well. And Namaste.


Have any of you ever been to Boston? Have any must-see places or must-do activities for me to check out?

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