So many places so little time

So as you can see, I’ve fallen quite behind on posting the stories of my recent adventures. It takes roughly 2-4 hours to write and hone each one of these stories. With that said, you can see how easy it is to fall behind on writing while traveling and exploring; especially when exploring from sun up until sun down. A man’s got to sleep and eat somewhere in there…

A few stories that I intend to catch up on in the next 3 days: (I’ll add the links as I publish the stories)

  • My brief career as an amateur Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament player in Thailand (click here)
  • Waterfall hikes, yoga, and meditation in Thailand (click here)
  • What to do and where to eat while in Chiang Mai (click here)
  • What NOT to do when you’re in a cage with a 200 kg tiger (click here)
  • Nightlife in Chiang Mai – Do’s and Don’ts (click here)
  • How to book a stay with a host on (click here)
  • My run-in with the Chiang Mai police (click here)

For pictures of my recent adventures, be sure to check out my Facebook page photo albums (TONS of photos)

As you can see, there are quite a few stories to catch up on, and this will only bring me to February 1, so I guess I should get to it.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my adventure stories. Be well. And namaste.

 So many places so little time

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