Staying connected while traveling

IMG 0630 300x225 Staying connected while travelingWanna see where I am RIGHT NOW? Click Here. This will show my location for the past 7 days. If you don’t see any location information, that means I haven’t used the device in 7 days.

During my recent trip to Boston, I learned of a snazzy little device called “Spot.” It comes from the wonderful people at Spot LLC. They specialize in GPS tracking devices for wandering adventurers. The Spot II satellite GPS messenger I bought does 5 things: tracking progress and drops pins on a google map that you can share with friends, family, etc. every 10 minutes, custom message ability to send a customized SMS message to up to 12 people on your contact list, check-in/ok message to send a predetermined “I’m OK” message to up to 12 people on your list, Help mode that sends a non-life threatening emergency message, and most importantly the SOS mode that notifies appropriate agencies worldwide of your situation with exact latitude and longitude coordinates

Why would anyone need something like this? Technically, you don’t, but giving friends and family the peace of mind that at any time they can “check-in” with your google map and see the status of your device (ok, checking in, tracking, etc.) is a valuable stress reliever. Plus, as a wandering adventurer, if you’re out in remote areas, you have the assurance that you’re being “watched from above” and that no matter what you get into, people can find you.

spot 150x150 Staying connected while travelingThe device I purchased has an MSRP of $119, but I got mine at REI where they have a sale going on right now for $74.95. On top of that, I used a coupon and dropped it further to $60. The “Service” options for the device range from a basic service plan which covers all the basics and monitoring to additional options like tracking (google maps), type and send (send custom message on the fly), sensor alerts (for boat tracking), GEOS (private SAR rescue coverage of up to $100k USD, SpotAssist (private third-party company SAR coverage), product replacement, and SPOT adventures (adventure sharing). All of these add-on services are extremely inexpensive and are well worth the cost.

The coverage map includes most of the entire earth (southern and south eastern Africa isn’t covered, nor are most parts of India for some reason).

Here’s what my recent hike around Walden Pond in Concord, MA looked like using the tracking feature with Google Maps:

IMG 0634 169x300 Staying connected while traveling

Since Aug 21, 2012, SPOT LLC has initiated 2,006 rescues and completed 481 rescues in 78 different countries. When it comes to peace of mind, this is the ultimate back-country insurance plan. A great service that you can use in combination with these devices is a standard or adventurer travel insurance plan which add additional extraction and medical coverage. When in doubt, travel safe and keep those you love most “in the loop” while you’re “out of the loop.”

Be well. And namaste.


What situation(s) have you gotten into during your adventures that perhaps you wished you had a device like this?

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  1. Al Aerni says:

    Following my son on his trip through Thailand. Great peace of mind!


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